Can I get renters insurance after an accident?

August 31, 2023

Accidents often come out of nowhere and leave us reeling with their aftermath. For renters, in particular, an unexpected incident might leave them questioning whether renters insurance offers adequate coverage following an incident that has already taken place. Renters insurance offers coverage against loss of personal belongings and liability risks. In our previous blog posts, we discussed about benefits of renters insurance and Commercial Property Insurance Canada.

In this blog post, we explore this “Can I get renters insurance after an accident?” discussing whether it might still be possible for renters insurance policies to provide valuable help if such events have already transpired. And exploring your options available if such an incident has already occurred.

Can Renters Insurance Help Me After an Incident?

Yes, tenants' policies after an accident are still an option; however, specific key considerations exist. Since it typically protects against future incidents only and not damages or losses that have already happened before purchasing it, in such cases, when accidents occurred before purchasing it, you won't be eligible to file claims related to that specific incident.

Discover Your Options

Many people asked - Can I get renters insurance after an accident - Though it cannot retroactively cover past accidents, getting it after one is still a wise decision and could help in the long run:

1. Coverage for Future Incidents

Renters insurance protects against any unexpected events such as theft, fire damage or liability claims in the future. Procuring coverage following an incident ensures you will have protection in case a problem arises later on down the line.

2. Liability Protection

It includes liability protection that could come in handy should someone hold you liable for injuring someone or damaging their property during an incident that takes place after your policy goes into effect, regardless of any prior accidents that have taken place. 

3. Peace of Mind

It also provides peace of mind knowing your personal belongings are safeguarded - especially following an incident! Knowing you have this protection moving forward will relieve anxiety over future incidents.

How is it Possible?

One frequently asked question on our website is, “Can I get renters insurance after an accident? How is it possible?” Renters insurance providers consider several factors when assessing eligibility, such as property condition and area crime rate, as well as personal history when determining your eligibility for coverage. Although past accidents might not directly affect this process, your insurer will focus on your current circumstances and the associated risk factors when setting rates on new policies.

Follow these steps when applying for renter's insurance after an accident:

1. Be Honest and Accurate

While filling out your application, provide accurate, truthful information that builds trust between all parties involved, such as disclosing past accidents or incidents that don't impact coverage, but that may still need to be disclosed for accuracy purposes. Being open ensures you secure an appropriate policy tailored to meet your needs.

2. Assess Your Coverage Needs

Assess the coverage needs based on your current situation by taking stock of your belongings' value and what might be necessary in case of future accidents or incidents.

3. Compare Policies

Conduct thorough research of various policies to select one that best matches your needs and budget. Evaluate coverage limits, deductible amounts and premium costs before making an informed choice.

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Q1: Can I file a claim for past accidents if I purchase renters insurance now? 

A1: No. Renters insurance only protects from future events and liabilities post-policy implementation.

Q2: Will my premium be affected by past accidents when purchasing renters insurance? 

A2: Past incidents generally won't directly influence it since coverage typically doesn't extend back before its inception date.

Q3: What information will I need when seeking renter's insurance after an accident?

A3: When applying for it, you must provide accurate details regarding your living situation, belongings condition and any potential liabilities - past accidents are typically not an important consideration during this process.


While renters insurance won't cover past incidents, it remains wise to secure coverage after one has occurred. Renters insurance protects future incidents and liabilities and gives peace of mind - by being open about your history and accurately assessing coverage needs; you can find the ideal policy that meets them both now and moving forward. provides tailored renters options designed to protect without fear. Get what coverage is rightfully yours while having the peace of mind of knowing your rental space is protected!

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