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May 4, 2024

Life insurance may seem like just another safety net; something to help provide security if something unexpected comes along and affects loved ones, but did you know it can also serve as an invaluable financial asset? SummitCover prioritizes providing peace of mind through our Kelowna insurance services while at the same time understanding its incredible versatility - in this blog post, we explain How to Use Life Insurance as Leverage.

Understanding Cash Value: The Key to Leverage

Over time, whole-life and universal life insurance policies often accumulate cash value. This cash value represents part of your premium payments that accrue interest over time - acting like an inbuilt savings component and offering opportunities for further leverage strategies beyond simply covering death benefits.

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Using Life Insurance as a Tool for Charitable Giving: Strategies and Advantages

What people may not be aware of is that life insurance is not only a mean to provide for the people closest to you; it may also serve as a highly suited instrument for charities and purposes that are common to all of us. At SummitCover, our focus is to enhance both financial well-being and charitable giving aspirations;

1. Naming Charities as Beneficiaries: A Simple Yet Meaningful Step

One simple but impactful way life insurance can support charitable endeavours is to name an appropriate non-profit as your beneficiary, which means a portion or all of the death benefit can go directly towards supporting their mission and furthering your values. It's an efficient yet impactful way of making sure they outlive you!

2. Customise Your Contribution With Flexibility and Control

Life insurance provides flexibility when structuring charitable gifts. You can direct a specific percentage or multiple charities to receive funds; this enables you to tailor support according to various causes close to your heart.

3. Tax Advantages: Exacerbating Your Impact

Life insurance proceeds can often be distributed tax-free to beneficiaries, leading to larger donations reaching your charitable organization and increasing its philanthropic influence. Furthermore, depending on the specifics of your tax situation and premium payments related to a policy designated for charity you could even qualify for tax deductions; SummitCover financial advisors can assist in helping navigate through such tax implications more smoothly.

4. Charitable Rider: Maximizing Donations Potential

Certain life insurance policies offer charitable riders, which allow you to contribute a portion of the cash value growth directly to a charity of your choosing while keeping the death benefit intact for beneficiaries. If this feature appeals to you and provides significant contributions without significantly decreasing death benefits for beneficiaries, charitable riders could be an ideal way to achieve both.

Harnessing Strategies to Optimize Policy's Potential

There are various strategies you can employ to boost the cash value of your life insurance policy, each offering distinct advantages and considerations. Here are a few popular techniques:

  • Policy Loans: Policy loans are one of the most frequently utilized solutions; borrowing against your cash value to acquire a loan directly from an insurance provider with lower rates than banks; however, unpaid loans accrue interest and decrease your death benefit payout to beneficiaries.
  • Line of Credit: Certain policies provide for an attached line of credit within your cash value account, providing easy access to funds up to an agreed limit, with interest applied solely upon usage allowing flexibility for short-term needs.
  • Premium Paid-Up Additions: With this strategy, dividends earned on your policy can be used to purchase additional paid-up insurance policies without incurring additional premium payments upfront - increasing both death benefit and cash value without incurring additional premium costs upfront - however significant growth may take some time before materializing.

Empowering Environmental Causes with Life Insurance to Promote Sustainability

Environmental concerns have never been more pressing in today's globalized society. While individual actions play a vital role in supporting environmental initiatives, financial tools like life insurance may also contribute. SummitCover recognizes this responsibility and can discuss with your policy how best it could support a more sustainable future.

1. Wildlife Conservation: Protecting Our Biodiversity

Habitat loss, poaching and climate change threaten countless wildlife species worldwide. Life insurance provides an innovative solution to support conservation efforts by designating conservation organizations as beneficiaries - this ensures a portion of your death benefit goes directly toward protecting endangered animals and maintaining ecosystems.

Think about its potential: your policy could fund anti-poaching patrols, habitat restoration projects or essential research initiatives essential to wildlife survival - becoming a true champion of biodiversity, safeguarding a world rich with life for future generations to enjoy! By investing in your life insurance policy now you are becoming a true steward for biodiversity!

2. Climate Change Mitigation Strategies: Investment for a Better Tomorrow

Climate change poses a pressing global threat that requires swift action to be taken quickly. Life insurance proceeds could help fund organizations engaged in providing renewable energy solutions, supporting energy efficiency initiatives or pushing for climate-friendly policies.

With careful planning, SummitCover policies allow investors to invest in green funds or companies focused on sustainability practices - not only contributing to environmental initiatives but also aligning your financial objectives with supporting a healthier planet. SummitCover financial advisors have the experience needed to guide you responsibly through all available investment options.

3. Environmental Education and Advocacy: Grooming Tomorrow's Leaders

Environmental education and awareness are the main pillars of Environmental problem solving, with insurance companies coming in to sponsor environmental programs that teach kids conservation and sustainability.

Consider allocating part of your death benefit towards creating scholarships or funding educational initiatives in underserved communities related to environmental studies or advocacy for sustainable living. By doing this, your investments empower future generations to be environmental stewards who advocate for sustainability.

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SummitCover Is Your Ally for Life Insurance and Financial Wellness

At SummitCover, our mission is to offer customized Kelowna insurance solutions that address your unique requirements. Life insurance plays an integral part in any financial plan; understanding its full potential will enable you to achieve your dreams more successfully.

Always bear in mind that life insurance can be an immensely powerful financial tool; but with that comes risk. For your own best financial health and to make sure all decisions made with life insurance serve to foster prosperity over the long term, reach out to Summit Insurance today and schedule a meeting! Life insurance could help propel you toward financial independence!

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