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October 24, 2023

Manufactured homes (sometimes called mobile homes) are becoming more affordable and flexible due to their affordability and flexibility. However, these unique insurance needs must also be considered when purchasing one of these dwellings. We'll delve deeper into manufactured home insurance by understanding its nuances and critical considerations when selecting policies, highlighting top insurers offering tailored policies specifically towards manufactured homes!

What are Manufactured Homes?

Imagine a home built with care and precision away from construction sites - without disruption and uncertainty - then transported directly to its final location, ready for you to move in and call it yours. That is the beauty of manufactured homes; these affordable options allow families to achieve homeownership dreams they might otherwise find out of reach. With modern amenities and customisable features, they're also an appealing and welcoming choice that anyone would feel proud to call their own!

Importance of Having Manufactured Home Insurance

Manufactured homes are often overlooked as valuable investments due to their affordability. However, they are just as susceptible to risks associated with weather events, accidents, and other unforeseen circumstances as traditional homes. Therefore, it is crucial to protect this investment by having home insurance for manufactured homes. With this policy, homeowners can be assured of financial security and peace of mind in the face of unexpected events. Also, read our blog post on How much business interruption insurance do I need!

Factors to Consider While Choosing

While choosing manufactured home insurance, you should consider the following factors;

Coverage Options

Owning a manufactured home requires more than just any insurance plan. These homes have unique requirements that demand a custom policy tailored to their specific needs. It is imperative to find the right coverage to provide complete protection from natural disasters, theft, and liabilities. By crafting a policy that is specifically designed for manufactured homes, homeowners can rest easy knowing that their property is fully secure and protected.

Premiums and Deductibles

Homeowners recognise that the affordability of their policy is of great significance, making budgetary considerations essential when purchasing coverage. Assessing premiums and deductibles to determine whether their policy provides enough coverage without exceeding budget is vital in guaranteeing financial protection without overextending themselves financially.

Customer Service and Support

Claiming insurance can be an upsetting experience, so having access to responsive and helpful customer service teams makes all the difference in making claims less frustrating for policyholders. When searching for insurance providers with outstanding customer service offerings, make sure they offer superior claims processes for maximum efficiency - this way, all policies remain easier for policyholders!

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Best Manufactured Home Insurance Companies

Based on customer experiences, SummitCover is one of the best insurance providers with excellent service and comprehensive coverage options. Selecting an insurer with a good track record is vitally important; top-rated choices have demonstrated themselves as trustworthy and dependable.

SummitCover provides;

  • Comprehensive coverage for manufactured homes.
  • 24/7 customer support and quick claims processing.
  • Tailored policies addressing specific risks.
  • Competitive premiums and flexible deductible options.
  • Specialised coverage for natural disasters, such as hurricanes and floods.
  • Excellent track record in assisting homeowners during emergencies.

What Makes Manufactured Home Different

Manufactured homes are built with distinct features that set them apart from traditional homes, which also make them susceptible to particular hazards. As a result, standard insurance policies may not provide adequate coverage to protect these homes from potential risks. To ensure comprehensive protection, specialised insurance policies designed specifically for manufactured homes are necessary.

Importance of Choosing the Right Policy 

By opting for an insurance policy tailored specifically for manufactured homes, homeowners are guaranteed comprehensive and tailored protection that addresses the unique challenges associated with manufactured housing. Such coverage protects not only the structural integrity of the house itself but also personal belongings and liability concerns that arise with living there - providing peace of mind against unexpected events that might arise in this type of housing arrangement.

Researching and comparing various insurance policies are an integral component of homeownership for any homeowner looking for optimal home protection. Consulting with expert advisors will enable them to make more informed decisions, secure value in your property and bring peace of mind for you and your family - after all, your home should not just be another building; it should serve as your sanctuary, so the highest protections should be afforded it.


Understanding manufactured home insurance, its coverage options, premiums and deductibles as well as customer service is critical in selecting an adequate policy to insure your manufactured home.

Finding suitable coverage can be extraordinarily complex and time-consuming, so SummitCover has assembled an expert team that understands the significance of finding comprehensive protection that fits your needs perfectly. We specialise in tailored policies to safeguard against unexpected events. Visit us online now and begin your journey towards creating your haven of protection - trust SummitCover to guide you through its complex world and help you find what's right for you!

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