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April 13, 2023

Rental property insurance Canada, often known as landlord insurance in Canada, is intended to protect property owners from financial losses caused by damage to their rental property. It usually covers the building, any associated structures such as garages or sheds, and the landlord's liability for accidents or injuries on the property.fp

Landlord insurance policies in Canada can vary in coverage and cost depending on several criteria, including the property's location, the age and condition of the building, and the level of protection required. In Canada, some popular forms of coverage included in rental property insurance Canada policies are:

1. Property damage coverage:

Property damage insurance safeguards the rental property from harm brought on by calamities like fire, theft, vandalism, earthquakes, and other natural catastrophes.

2. Liability insurance:

This insurance shields the landlord if a visitor or tenant sustains an injury while on the rental property and files a claim for damages.

3. Loss of rental income protection:

This insurance reimburses the landlord for any rent lost because the rental property was damaged or destroyed.

4. Contents coverage:

This insurance covers the landlord's possessions on the leased property, including furniture and appliances.

5. Legal expense protection:

This insurance offers the landlord compensation and defense in case of a legal dispute with a tenant or other problems involving the rental property. Read more: Protecting Your Business with E&O Insurance

 It is important to note that rental property insurance policies can vary in terms of the specific types of coverage included and the extent of the coverage provided. Therefore, it is recommended that landlords carefully review their approach to understand exactly what is covered and what is excluded.


To sum up, plans for rental property insurance Canada often cover liability, property damage, lost rental income, belongings, and legal costs. Therefore, landlords should carefully check their policies to understand the detailed coverage categories and the scope of the coverage offered. This can ensure that they are sufficiently safeguarded from any dangers or liabilities connected to their rental property.

Additionally, many companies provides rental property insurance canada like Summit Covers. Rental property insurance Canada policies may offer optional or add-on coverage for specific risks or circumstances. For example, landlords may add coverage for flood or sewer backup damage or short-term rentals such as Airbnb. Landlords need to discuss their specific needs with their insurance provider to determine the best coverage options for their rental property. It's also important to remember that most insurance policies for rental properties do not usually cover tenants' possessions. Therefore, to safeguard their personal belongings from loss or damage, tenants must purchase their renter's insurance policy.

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