Nonprofit Directors And Officers Insurance Canada

December 11, 2023

It may seem surprising, but nonprofit directors and officers insurance can be one of the best investments you can make in your business, though if you’re unaware of how it works or how much it could save you down the road, this could be an oversight that will cost you thousands in the future. Learn more about Directors And Officers Insurance Nonprofit Canada today to see if your company is eligible for this type of coverage. Whether it's a large corporation or a mom-and-pop shop that turns profits once per year at tax time, every business should be prepared with adequate protection if something goes wrong.

Directors' And Officers' Liability Insurance

Directors and officers insurance is an important type of liability insurance coverage for nonprofit organizations, as it protects members of its board of directors and officers from certain types of legal action. Directors' and officers' D&O liability insurance provides coverage for a nonprofit's officers and directors against losses arising from claims involving alleged failure to carry out their duties, breach of fiduciary duty, or gross negligence on their part. Under Directors And Officers Insurance Nonprofit Canada actions are also covered when acting as corporate officers outside official boardroom meetings. In most cases, D&O policies can be customized to include non-profit language some commercial general liability policies have specific non-profit provisions but not all do.

Directors' and officers' liability coverage is much different than a standard commercial general liability policy, and has various different limits of coverage available. For example, a D&O policy for a small nonprofit organization might provide $1 million in total combined coverage for directors and officers, with each officer covered up to $250,000. Other common limits are $2 million/ $500,000 or $5 million/$1 million. It’s worth noting that while some large nonprofit organizations have Directors And Officers Insurance, as well as cyber liability insurance, smaller nonprofits might not need it at all. If your organization has fewer than five employees or operates on an extremely tight budget, you may find general liability coverage sufficient. When shopping around for directors' and officers' liability insurance, be sure to ask about exclusions such as inherently dangerous activities sometimes referred to as IDAs which could affect whether your nonprofit will be able to collect benefits should something go wrong.

Coverage Provided By Directors' And Officers' Liability Insurance

Directors and officers' liability insurance protects board members, management, and other non-employee directors if they are held personally liable for mistakes made while on their job. Generally, it will cover claims that arise out of negligence and can include defense costs as well as compensation for damages. This coverage is important for Directors And Officers Insurance Nonprofit Canada organizations because nonprofit managers and officers often work without salaries in addition to having few resources at their disposal when dealing with litigation or other liability issues. Directors' and officers' insurance also comes in especially handy if an officer's assets are at risk due to his or her status within a business, such as in a family business situation.

Directors' and officers' liability insurance for nonprofits protects your directors, management, or other non-employee directors if they are held personally liable for mistakes made while on their job. As with all general liability policies, it comes in two basic forms: occurrence-based coverage when an event happens or claims-made coverage when a claim is made. It also has one other common feature defense costs, which means you won't have to pay legal fees if you get sued. This type of coverage is often sold by specialized business insurance companies that offer different policy types based on your industry.

Contact an Independent Broker For Assistance With Your D&O Insurance Needs

If you run a nonprofit in Canada, directors' and officers' insurance can help safeguard your nonprofit from any mistakes that might lead to legal action. To get a free quote and see if D&O insurance is right for your organization, call or email an independent agent today. Don't wait to protect yourself against financial losses. In Canada, Directors And Officers Insurance  is required by law for many nonprofits as well as private companies. D&O policies cover expenses related to directors' errors or omissions, lawsuits brought on by those who were wronged by a nonprofit's actions including employees, and other liabilities.

If you own a small business in Canada, you likely already know that D&O insurance is required for nonprofits by law. The Canadian legislation that requires Nonprofit Directors And Officers Insurance, as well as private companies, was passed by parliament in December of 2002. To comply with new Canadian regulations, directors and officers must have at least $2 million of coverage. Even if your company is too small to worry about filing taxes each year like many micro-businesses, it's still essential to make sure your director or officer liability has enough coverage if an unforeseen incident were to occur.

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