Does liability insurance protect against lawsuits?

May 25, 2024

Start-up businesses in Calgary can be exciting! Not only can you provide invaluable services while contributing to the local economy and hoping that it flourishes; but you also face additional responsibility - what if a customer becomes injured on your premises or claims your product caused damages? Does liability insurance protect against lawsuits? - Lawsuits are expensive and stressful even if ultimately found not liable - liability insurance provides peace of mind against this scenario!

Your Shield Against Lawsuits

Businesses Liability insurance acts as a protective shield for Calgary businesses by alleviating financial risk related to lawsuits against third-party claims of bodily injury, property damage, and personal injuries by non-employees (third parties). When third-party liability occurs it means someone besides yourself was held legally liable.

But Common Liability Risks for Calgary Businesses and How Insurance Can Help?

Common Liability Risks for Calgary Businesses

Calgary offers businesses unique risks due to its climate and bustling business scene, and these may present potential liability concerns!

Calgary Winter Woes

  • Slip & Fall Hazards: Retail store operators in Calgary need to manage slip and fall risks caused by snowy and icy sidewalks. Customers slipping and falling due to unruly snow or inadequate signage could result in medical expenses and lost wages claims. This applies to retail stores and restaurants with outdoor patios. Regular snow removal, proper salting, and clear warning signs are essential steps to manage this risk effectively.
  • Vehicle Collisions: Calgary winters can create treacherous driving conditions, and any time one of your delivery drivers is involved in an accident and injures someone while in service for your company, your business could potentially be held liable. Therefore, providing proper training to employees as well as keeping a fleet safe are both key safeguards against liability for this risk.

Beyond The Chill

  • Calgarians Desire Adventure: Calgary boasts an active outdoor recreation scene. If your business provides guided hikes, mountain bike tours, or whitewater rafting expeditions involving any potential accidents due to negligence on your part - even minor ones could lead to lawsuits being brought against it.
  • Stampede Season Shenanigans: To ensure safety during the Calgary Stampede, implement crowd control measures, conduct regular equipment safety inspections, and provide clear signage at themed events to prevent customer injuries and potential legal action against your organization.

Common Liability Risks in Canada

While Calgary presents its own set of challenges, some liability issues remain common to businesses across Canada:

  • Property Damage: An unexpected customer damages one of your store displays or an electrical wire malfunction triggers a fire in their tenant's property; in such incidents, liability insurance covers repairs or replacement costs to restore them into service.
  • Product Liability: Your products malfunction and cause injury; for instance, space heaters sold by your hardware store could set fire to someone's home causing extensive property damage and leaving legal costs and any awarded damages unprotected..
  • Professional Negligence: For professionals providing services like accountants or lawyers, liability insurance may provide invaluable protection if a client alleges you made mistakes that led to financial losses for them. An accountant could face severe fines if their calculations are miscalculated on tax returns filed on behalf of clients and lead to substantial penalties.

Calgary businesses can operate more confidently by understanding and taking steps to mitigate potential risks and taking proactive measures against them. A robust liability insurance policy serves as an additional safeguard, protecting them against unexpected events that might threaten financial ruin for their company!

How Liability Insurance Protects Your Calgary Business

Liability Insurance to Help Cover Legal Fees

Lawsuits can be prohibitively costly regardless of their outcome; their costs could quickly deplete your resources - even if the case ultimately goes in your favor. Liability coverage helps cover these expenses including:

  • Legal Fees and Court Costs Coverage: Having liability insurance to help cover legal fees when representing your business in court can be invaluable, while filing fees, transcript costs and other litigation expenses quickly add up - liability coverage helps shield businesses against these unexpected costs.
  • Investigation Costs: Lawsuits often necessitate investigations to gather evidence and ascertain what caused an incident, with liability coverage providing some protection for costs associated with these investigations.

Liability insurance allows you to focus on managing and expanding your business while leaving legal proceedings up to someone else - giving your lawyer peace of mind while taking care of any necessary defense expenses.

Finding the Right Coverage

Your liability insurance needs depend upon numerous factors, including industry type and size as well as any inherent risks involved with running your operations. When selecting a policy to meet those criteria consider factors like:

  • General Liability Insurance: It can serve as an excellent entryway into business operations for many organizations by covering basic bodily injury and property damage claims.
  • Errors and Omissions Insurance: Professional accountants and consultants benefit from E&O insurance to safeguard themselves against claims alleging professional negligence.
  • Product Liability Insurance: When selling or manufacturing products, product liability coverage should be purchased to safeguard you against claims regarding possible product defects and related lawsuits.

Final Thoughts

Liability Insurance in Calgary Liability insurance can protect the financial health of your Calgary business while helping ward off potential lawsuits without financial ruin. Summit Insurance's experienced Insurance Broker Calgary services can assist in this complex area to find suitable policies at highly competitive rates from top providers.

Reach out to Summit Insurance now for a complimentary consultation and learn how liability insurance can protect your business assets and operations. In addition, we also offer various other solutions like Landlord Insurance Canada for full protection of assets and operations - after all, an informed business is often more successful!

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